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Competition (A mental regression tale)

Competition is a female mental AR short (2,800 words)

"Hey," Jennifer says mildly, after tipping back her glass and finishing her fizz. "You notice how bright everything is today?"

Elisa nods. "Yeah, I guess." She'd agree to anything right now, with those tingling bubbles spreading from her tongue and into her head. But Jennifer is right. When Elisa looks down she's almost mesmerized by the orange of her fleece vest. So bright, like the sun.

But it doesn't hurt, she wants to keep looking.

She barely notices as she lets go of the glass and it falls to the ground. It doesn't break, landing in the leafy dirt.

"Oopsie," says Jennifer lightly. "I thought you deserved the special champagne and the fancy glasses. You won't be using anything like that from now on..."

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