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Sebtomato's AR stories

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Learning To Be Good

When George has an affair, his wife decides that he needs closer supervision.

George has been very naughty! When his wife learns that he has taken a mistress, she employs Parkdale's services to help George learn how to behave.

George finds himself inexplicably getting younger, increasingly dependent on his mistress, and increasingly aware that he's the very last person in charge. After a humiliating trip to the supermarket, where he is dressed and treated like a little boy, George is determined to get his adult body back. But can he escape Parkdale's infantilizing influence, before his wife returns to collect her utterly dependent, drooling baby boy?

18+ ONLY: This 11,000-word story is an age regression fantasy, exploring themes of physical age regression, age play, infantilism, female domination and mind control. While there is no explicit sexual content, it is intended only for mature readers.

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