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Coming Home

"Compelling and heart rending"

"Lots of great regression and lots of heart as well"

Learn the fate of one of Parkdale's best-loved residents.

A tale of family, love and sacrifice.

And the biggest ever peek into Parkdale's origin story.

Is this a new story?

It sure is!

What will $9.99 get me?

The 17,000 words story plus high-res png images:

  • cover image
  • 3 teaser images (these are in addition to the ones on the sales page)

Who's Carly?

Need a reminder of Carly’s ups and downs in Parkdale? Check out her timeline.

Can I get a preview?

There was a limited number of free previews available and they’ve sold out.

What kind of AR is in the story?


Physical and mental


Male and Female

No TG.

Which Parkdale agents are featured in the story?

That would be telling! Cub, teen and senior agents all feature.

How long is it?

17,000 words.

What kind of file is it?
A pdf. You can download the story or have it sent to your Kindle or Dropbox.

How do I pay?

You can pay with PayPal or a credit card.

Is it a secure payment?

All payments are fully encrypted, SSL secure, and PCI compliant.

How will the purchase show up on my account/statement?

As “Selz, Inc.”

Does Carly get a happy ending?

Read the story :)

4 PNG and 1 PDF
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