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Shaving Foam

"I was sitting with Charlotte at the kitchen table, enjoying a leisurely breakfast, when the doorbell rang."

So begins a classic Parkdale age regression tale. But this is not the story you remember. In 2015, it has been brought bang up to date, with an exclusive new scene and 90% more content.

Is this a new story?

I've taken the time to improve and expand a classic tale. It's been completely re-edited, with a brand new scene and 90% more words. In my opinion, it's now twice as good! It's also the first time this story has been available as an ebook.

What will $4.99 get me?

The story plus 2 posters;

  • cover image
  • exclusive 2-panel teaser image

What's it about?

When Richard and Charlotte agree to test some new products designed by the Parkdale Parenting Association, their relationship changes dramatically. But is it just for a day, or is this something more permanent?

What kind of AR is in the story?

Physical, mental, male.

Which Parkdale agents are featured in the story?

Granny Mary and Dr Sucette.

How long is it?

9,500 words.

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