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Christmas Pudding

When Dillon arrives in Parkdale on Christmas Eve to collect his girlfriend, he’s amazed to find her acting (and dressed) like a little girl…

Summary: Dillon expected his girlfriend Madelyn to be pleased to see him when he arrived to pick her up from her business trip. But he didn’t expect her to be acting like a child and wearing a juvenile outfit that only a little girl could love.

The situation gets both clearer and more confusing when Madelyn’s boss Valerie appears and treats Madelyn and Dillon like small children, and dresses them accordingly. With the benefit of a special drug, “Auntie Valerie” is determined to return both of them to mental and physical childhood.

Why does Dillon and Madelyn feel compelled to obey Auntie Valerie?

Dillon is determined to rescue his girlfriend from Auntie Valerie, but can he resist her infantilizing influence long enough to escape before he is reduced to drooling, helpless infancy?

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